The Semantics of Sheng – Age and Maturity

A topic that surfaces regularly when I discuss tea with friends is the way we are forced to construct a shared vocabulary, and the difficulties that brings.  Appreciation of tea is already an exceptionally-subjective activity – mixing in the experiential isolation and vast variation in breadth of experience that often exists between pu-aficionados in the West only … Continue reading The Semantics of Sheng – Age and Maturity


上個禮拜跑去洛杉磯玩幾天,終於跟Alex碰到面了 (茶當酒喝…朋友就是這樣,一定要把人家灌醉!) 。這次終於有機會跟洛杉磯的一位老手喝杯茶。那天喝到了本人認為還得等幾年才會有機會碰到的幾款茶,然而我認為認識新朋友是主要的, 品茶次之。 我想請問一下有多少人每天上網急著po品茶的評語,或者跟網友計較關於茶的一些雞毛蒜皮的事情?依我個人的淺見,這樣就完全失去喝茶的原意。茶這東西是很神奇沒錯,但請大家千萬不要忘記茶最主要的目的:交朋友。我個人覺得喝茶最特別的就是可以以茶會友。光上網交流很快就會發現大家的意見都不同,說說自己的想法有時候也得小心小心再小心,難以知道何時無意中就踩到別人的地雷。我也知道很多人 (尤其是西方國家) 若想當面跟別人喝茶很不方便,但是如果能有機會去找別人喝茶,一定不要錯過! 非常高興這次能離開自己孤獨的小監獄去洛杉磯見朋友。茶到底不過只是一種飲料而已。若你喝時覺得開心,那就足以! 更好的就是與別人喝口茶 – 以茶會友。在洛杉磯的日子一輩子也不會忘,感謝你們留給我這麼多美好的回憶!   Continue reading 以茶會友

The Gospel of James

Be patient therefore, teafriends, until the coming of the patina. See how the steeper waits for the precious fruit of the leaf, being patient about it, until her pot receives the early and the late rains. You also, be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the patina is at hand. Patience is a … Continue reading The Gospel of James

A Disturbance in the Force

Look hard enough at any scene where experts and amateurs congregate around a subjective experience, and you’ll find a conflict simmering beneath the surface between new(bies) and old(-timers), articulable facts and the knowledge and awareness that comes only with extensive experience and exposure. This is something that relatively-green community members like myself have to be … Continue reading A Disturbance in the Force