Go ahead, look it up. This is probably old-hat for many, but I keep seeing people lament the state of their cake wrappers.  If you want a tip or two, treat your ears to the dulcet tones of my native tongue >_> Seriously.  I wasn’t sure what my voice sounded like outside my head, but … Continue reading Frangers

The Taiwan Group Buy

A week or two back Alex and I set up group buys. The idea was to engage the community with areas of the tea market they themselves either hadn’t known of, or weren’t comfortable trying to explore themselves. Both group buys operate with similar formats but slightly different objectives. As for the Taiwan buy, the … Continue reading The Taiwan Group Buy


N.B This post was written in February 2018. Much has happened since, so expect to see updates shortly. This is my failure. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Different people add value to a community in different ways. Sometimes that means demonstrating how something can be improved, sometimes it means cocking … Continue reading Exemplars