What is “Good” Plantation Tea? – Translated Article

3 thoughts on “What is “Good” Plantation Tea? – Translated Article”

  1. A very good article. Price and quality are not hard linked, the label gushu immediately adds to the price without checking if it’s really gushu and without talking the taste into consideration. I have teas that come from plantations and are superb, I also have expensive gushu that I don’t really like. Plantation tea, IMHO, also makes the best use of blending (in general). These blended teas especially can sometimes be of the highest quality and en par with the best teas I can afford once in a while…


  2. I’m afraid that in the “True State of Affairs #3” you didn’t always translate Chinese numbers correctly.

    “600 billion RMB (approx. 1 billion USD).” should be 60 billion and 10 billion, respectively.

    “10,000 plus tons” should be 100,000.

    “200 billion RMB” should be 20 billion.

    “20,000 ton quantity” should be 200,000.

    “400 RMB” should be 40 billion.


    1. oops, so sorry about that! I get so focused on trying to make translations sound coherent, I completely flew over the hard numbers, which is a silly mistake…Fixed!


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