Taobao Lottery Round 3

Information on what these buys are can be found here. Read it thoroughly before proceeding. Check back in a couple of weeks for an update based on the few samples I’ve purchased. The expression-of-interest survey is here. The final cost-per-share, timing, and candidate selection reflects the responses I receive.  As an aside, a reminder that cakes … Continue reading Taobao Lottery Round 3

Exemplars, Part 2

For those who have been following, I’ve doubled-down and made it an objective to ruin perfectly-good tea.  For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out part one. Since dropping my primary pumidor down to 25C/65%rh, I’ve built a secondary unit purely as an exercise in figuring out what invites mold, what … Continue reading Exemplars, Part 2

Ripe Tea: Different Levels of Fermentation – Translated Article

Continuing on my current curiosity regarding ripe pu’er, here is a piece published last month (April 2018) discussing fermentation levels. As usual, some liberties were taken in translation, but I do my best to remain as true to original content as possible when translating over. Different levels of fermentation: What’s the difference? We all know … Continue reading Ripe Tea: Different Levels of Fermentation – Translated Article

勐海茶廠筆記: 勐海味 The Menghai Tea Factory “Menghai Taste”

I would like to use this post to provide quick descriptions of well-known Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory)  productions and just a few additional tidbits of information about Menghai Tea Factory I’ve picked up to help users learn about and discern different recipes. Of course, discussing all of Dayi’s productions might take a lifetime – Even … Continue reading 勐海茶廠筆記: 勐海味 The Menghai Tea Factory “Menghai Taste”