Translated Article – Sealed Pu’er Storage Comparison Experiment

This article was retrieved here. All the usual caveats of my previously translated articles still apply here~ Please don’t shoot the messenger. For this one I will add a quick personal note: For anybody that somehow has not heard about sealed storage in the West, the first place you should absolutely go to find information … Continue reading Translated Article – Sealed Pu’er Storage Comparison Experiment


So…have you all seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? The famous Ang Lee movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is actually named based on a common Chinese idiom, describing somebody who conceals their talent. Our Jianghu hero Li Mubai (Chow Yun-Fat) is tasked with the duty of protecting a dangerously powerful sword, the Green Destiny – But in the days … Continue reading 急功近利

What’s in a water?

Short answer: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and hopefully not a whole lot else. Water gets discussed in the tea scene often enough, but I suspect that most people worry about it a lot when they’re brand-new, and proceed to forget about it shortly after. If you’re lucky, you’re like Sean and have glacial run-off on … Continue reading What’s in a water?